Hello. I am Simone Agostino.

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. I am a cookbook author and food writer. I teach pasta workshops from my home kitchen and I participate in larger scale cooking demonstrations. I am a self-taught home cook with big passion for food and an Italian background to fuel it.

I firmly believe that I learnt to cook long before I stepped into a kitchen. For me, cooking goes well beyond the ingredients and the dish itself, but rather extends to the emotional buildup that can be created as a result of it. I think I fell in love with the feeling of closeness that food brought, and from there, I dove straight into the kitchen and self-taught one dish at a time, one dinner party at a time.

"I stand firm in saying cooking, for me, goes far beyond the ingredients that I have, the dish that I desire to create or the plate that it’s served upon. Whilst food in itself is a thing of beauty, the idea of bringing people together is what fuels me the most. The laughter, banter, chit chat and joy that illuminates from the dining table resonates with me well beyond that moment. It’s that lightness that I bring with me to each day, and the lightness that I want my guests to leave with. Because if I can get each person to leave with a little spring in their step, then I am a very happy girl."

I am a mother of three young boys, and thus home life is insanely busy and I turn to cooking, particularly pasta making, to bring a sense of calmness to my world. And as a mother of small children, I’m always asked to cook pasta. I love it, they love it, and with so many ways to create pasta it’s safe to say we never get bored of it! Now I enjoy teaching other people how to make pasta where I run workshops from my own home kitchen.

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