Introductory to Cooking School (aged 13-17)

Location: Perth City Farm
1 City Farm Place, East Perth
Time: 10am - 1pm
Monday August 5th - Monday September 9th
Tuesday August 6th - Tuesday September 10th

Do you want your child to learn the basics steps to exceptional Italian home cooking? From flavour balancing, ingredient pairings, working with seasonal produce, to efficiency in the kitchen? Allow me to teach them the ultimate skills that will last a lifetime in the kitchen!

Hi, I'm Simone Agostino, the daughter of Italian immigrants and a mother of three boys aged 10, and 8 year old twins. I am a published author of two Italian Cookbooks and my passion has always been food.

I've put together a 6 weeks Introductory to Italian Cooking course that will cover all the basics skills that your child can build on in life. 

So what can your child expect to learn each week?

- Week 1: A guided tour of the Veggie Garden followed by a discussion on flavour balancing and food pairing. Here we will learn what 4 elements we need to think about when we are putting a dish together. Children will then choose from a selection of ingredients to make for themselves a selection of bruschetta with different toppings. 

- Week 2: Pasta Masterclass. Here we will make a semolina pasta and shape them into gnocchetti sardi. I will demonstrate how to make a basic Italian "Sugo" and also a butter and sage sauce.

- Week 3: A soffritto. This is the base of every Italian dish, and from here we can build flavour to create anything from soups, to braises, to slow cooking, to pasta sauces. In this class, we will build our soffitto into a soup and make fresh Italian meatballs to lightly poach in the broth. This is a classic Italian soup.

- Week 4: Bread. Allow me to demonstrate how to bake fresh bread. While our bread bakes, let's make a selection of winter salads and sides using seasonal produce, and discuss why we have chosen these elements to build our dish. 

- Week 5: It's the main meal! Together we are going to make a traditional chicken cacciatore and serve this with an olive oil potato mash. 

- Week 6: Dolce. Let's learn some basics to Italian baking and finish our introductory to cooking with a sweet treat or two.

Your child will be provided recipe cards for each dish that they learn. They will also taste the finishing products in each class so they can understand the flavours they are striving for when they prepare it for themselves again at home.

The cost of this course is $720, which equates to $120 per session. This includes 6 weeks of hand's on cooking experiences, multiple recipes and a gnocchi board, lunch on the day, and all ingredients required.

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I look forward to teaching your child some life long skills in the kitchen.

Buon appetito!